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A New Tool Released For Windows Phone To Gain Root Access

We’ve all herd of jailbreaking and root access for our devices, but Windows Phone is getting one as well. Is not quite as same as jailbreak for iPhone but rather more Android like root access to install custom ROMs and apps.

The new tool called Windows Phone Internals will allows you unlock the bootloader on some of the Lumia type devices.

Root Access allows you to load your own homebrew software onto the phone with high privileges. Apps can escape from their sandboxes. The tool can also create backup-images of the phone and access the file-system in Mass Storage mode. The tool supports most versions of Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile.

– Heathcliff

iPhone’s jailbreak can already do what Apple won’t allowed to do on its normal ecosystem, root makes the ability to control wide range of system settings which only allowed by system apps by default and it’s interesting to see what both tinkers and developers come up with for Windows Phone platform.


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