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Chat ‘n’ Go is a independent site that offers tech news and gaming news all in one place. We are a huge geek fanatic and loves everything about computer, Internet & gaming.


How Chat ‘n’ Go come about?

Well, long story short. This site started in 2011 as a forum for one of our computer class project where a bunch of us become friends on the forum and met since in real life. In 2013, some of us graduated college and have left to find their own path and some of us stayed on this site.

Site running in 2011

Site running in 2011

After that, the site turned from a forum to a public site and used as a place to post computer related stuff on then forum and eventually turned into a gaming & tech news site. We also have more people whom helps to run this site.

Site running in 2012

Site running in 2012

From 2014, we moved to a new hosting service to host our site and redesigned the website and added things such as videos/reviews and much more. We also changed our domain name.

In 2015, we felt like more things could’ve been added such as the new games encyclopedia and improvement on our forums.

People behind Chat ‘n’ Go

Currently we have kachan64 (Owner), aztecdude1 (Administrator), lucky962 (Moderator) and charliexu109 (News Editor) which has helped on starting this site up and currently running this site based on their spare time.

Kachan64 also has contributed few sites running WordPress. In his spare time he plays his musical keyboard (with his passion for dance music!), hangout with friends and play video games.


What’s in Chat ‘n’ Go?

This site has different section such as forums, games encyclopedia, videos, tutorials (coming soon), music (coming soon) and reviews for the time being. Plans to add more if needed.


Games that they like


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