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AirMore Review

Recently I have played around with iPhone 6s Plus to transfer photos from phone to computer or vise versa and find out that in order to sync pictures, videos and even music, the phone needs to be wiped (meaning all existing photos, videos and music are gone) before the new data are dumped on to the phone by using iTunes.

Since then I have been looking for an alternative and spend on $60 on AnyTrans (I know right?) and working flawlessly until the new update which has updated it’s interface and strips some of it’s functionality off. I could not add videos anymore directly to the phone like I used to and it adds the video to the video app instead. But even that, everything else seems to work just fine.

So I began looking for an alternative to AirDroid which I have been using it on my Galaxy S4 and other Android phone for a quiet a long time since the app was still in beta back then and turns out there is another app called AirMore and it’s very easy to use. I visited the site, scanned the barcode (meaning you have the app installed) and simply accept the connection and wait for everything to load and there you go.

I was able to add videos, photos and even music using the web file manager and file were successfully transfered to the iPhone and even appeared to where they should have been instead of some video app or some where embedded in photos app make it hard to share.

If you are looking to transfer photos without much of a hassle and paying up $60 for a program, AirMore is the way it should be. You can download the app for your iPhone here.


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