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Album Extract Release

album-extract-ex-1Album Extract EX is a completely brand new version of Album Extract, built from the ground up with some existing Album Extract features and added feature that were not existing in the original program.

If you are looking for a missing cover for your song or album cover lover/collector, then Album Extract EX is the best solution for your needs. This is not a music player nor a music tagging software, it simply extract covers from many popular services.



Many Services Available

The program itself supports extracting cover arts from many popular services including Google Play Music, iTunes, Beatport, Soundcloud, Last.FM, Microsoft Groove Music etc. Simply copy & past the link or use our built-in search feature.

Album Extract EX Supported Service

More and more services are being added each update and now we fully supports plugins for custom services (napster included) in upcoming versions.

Auto Detection beta

With auto detection enabled, you can now auto detect covers more quickly when you use our search feature. This will work with all supported services not including custom plugin as of yet.

Customizable Sizes

Many services supports many different sizes. Which means you have the option to extract cover in different sizes of your choice.

Brand New Manager

With the new download manager, you can now delete files, customize view and copy covers to another place. You can also view your saved covers as slideshow in fullscreen mode.

More Flexible

Album Extract EX Drag & Drop

Cover detection (add new cover) are also improved with faster detection speed. With Mp3Tag installed, you can tag your entire music collection quicker than ever before with drag & drop or copy & paste. You will definitely be saving a lot of time.

Album Extract EX Download


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