Apple Adds PayPal As A New Payment For It’s Services

PayPal is widely available for popular websites like eBay, Beatport and many other big websites including Google Play Store and Microsoft Store. Now Apple is finally added PayPal into it’s list of payment method.

In the past, users have to either use a credit card attached to their account or by using a gift card to purchase items in the App Store. To use this feature, simply going to account settings and change your payment settings.

Once user has set PayPal by default, it will work instantly across all Apple devices given that Google and Microsoft had received the same treatment across different devices as well.

The feature is now available for iOS users across US, UK, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Austria, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Israel, Italy and Spain. Guess those non listed countries will have to wait before they can use PayPal as a new payment option.

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