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July 11 Update

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:36 pm
by kachan64
Has been a while since we did update to this site. So here is some of the things we've added, fixed or addressed:

Update for July 11th 2019
  1. Serious Debate, Off Topic & Trade & Sale is available for guest to browse.
  2. More games added to the gaming forum.
  3. Updated forum software to the latest.
  4. [BETA] Now we have custom logo for some of the forums such as Grand Theft Auto, Site Announcements etc...
    Custom header image support coming soon.
  5. Added new spam countermeasures.
  6. Now we have Front Page News Discussion for discussing news you see at the homepage and also Front Page News Submitting to submit your news.
  7. And software support for widely used software + our software is available.
More update soon... ;)