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Opencart phpMyAdmin Queries

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Opencart phpMyAdmin Queries

Post by kachan64 » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:48 am

This is a collection of code which make automation in OpenCart a bit easier. Meaning that you don't have to enable or disable settings, edit certain things individually.
To run this, make sure you have phpMyAdmin on your hosting and feel free to add your own code below:

Tested on: OpenCart 3.0.2
Earlier versions: N/A (if works for you in earlier versions, please report which version so I can update)

Set the price to 0 on all products:
This will set all product prices to 0.

Code: Select all

UPDATE oc_product SET price = '0'
Set the products to disabled:
This will effectively disable all products including the ones you previously enabled.
0 means disabled and 1 means enabled.

Code: Select all

UPDATE oc_product SET status = '0'
Reset all products back to 0 points:

Code: Select all

UPDATE oc_product SET points = '0'
Disable all country expect for one:
This will disable all country, then you can enable 1 of your choice in System > Localisation > Countries.
0 means disabled and 1 means enabled.

Code: Select all

UPDATE oc_country SET status = '0'
Removes all product description:
This will remove all product description from all products.

Code: Select all

UPDATE oc_product_description SET description = ' '
Disable all OpenCart events:
This will disable all event in OpenCart. Extensions > Events.
This should not be tested live as it could make your site none functional. This will override all disabled events as well.

Code: Select all

UPDATE oc_event SET status = '0'
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