Gaming News | Chat 'n' Go - Part 3

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Sony Combines PS4 & PSN Into One

During this week, Sony has announced that some of their division will be combined into one to offer a better experience for it’s users. While we know that Sony has suffers for a long time...


EA Brings It’s Own EA Access For PC

EA – the company behind Battlefield, FIFA (Sports Division), Need for Speed, Start Wars: Battlefront, Dragon Age, The Sims… has brought EA access to Xbox One gamers back in August 2014 allowing gamers to test...


Sony Won’t Kill InFamous Series

Infamous: Second Son won’t be Sony’s last game from the inFamous series according to PlayStation boss Scott Rohde. To further clarify, Kinda Funny Games asked Rohde that the future plans for InFamous Series. Rohde replied saying: “We’re never going...


Xbox 360 Games & DLCs On Xbox One

Now that the Xbox 360 backward compatibility is finally out, you can finally try out your Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. As Neowin reports, Xbox 360 games played on the Xbox One must be installed to...


Nintendo PlayStation Finally Works!

Remember that PlayStation prototype we reported a few month back? Whatever the thing was called, now called Nintendo PlayStation. This prototype console was created in partnership with Nintendo to bring disc based game to...


Kojima Productions Is Officially Dead

Following the on going saga between Kojima and Konami. Konami has finally decided to shut down it’s Los Angeles development studio, known as Kojima Productions Los Angeles. Konami confirmed the studio’s closure in a...