Gaming News | Chat 'n' Go - Part 4

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EA Won’t Ship HD Remastered Games

As we all know that Microsoft, Sony, Square Enix, Activision, Rockstar, Deep Silver and Capcom has all released a remastered game in the past. Some may be justifiable like Halo 1 & 2 or the first Gears...


Sega To Port More Games To PC

Following the port of Sonic: Lost World to PC, Sega is committed to port more old classics to the PC by listening fan requests made a while back on Sega have herd us!...


Sonic: Lost World Is Coming To PC

A Wii U/3DS exclusive title Sonic: Lost World is coming to the PC according to Sega. If you pre-order the game before November 2, you can get a free copy of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed....


Far Cry Primal Is Now Official

Yesterday during one of Ubisoft’s long hours of stream with a mysterious cave painting of a man holding a spear, IGN accidentally leaked the name of the game on it’s Twitter page suggesting the name Far Cry Primal....


WB: Mortal Kombat X Last-Gen Editions Canceled

This news probably won’t surprise anyone, but Warner Bros. has officially announced the cancellation of Mortal Kombat X‘s last-gen versions following months of speculation and lack of updates. This was “regrettable conclusion” because the developers couldn’t...


Hands On With YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming is officially released today and I had sometime to play around with it. Is a cool concept but still far from perfect. I do have a YouTube channel, which will soon turned...