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AirMore Review

Recently I have played around with iPhone 6s Plus to transfer photos from phone to computer or vise versa and find out that in order to sync pictures, videos and even music, the phone needs to...

Genius K9 Gaming Keyboard Review 1

Genius K9 Gaming Keyboard Review

When I first looking for a led keyboard (more of a gaming keyboard type of thing), I always wanted to try something different. And here it is, the Genius K9 gaming keyboard. I’m always the guy...


Thief Review

So what is Thief? Thief is a game that based on medieval times. If you played Skyrim, this is kinda the feel mashed-up with Batman games. You start of with a guy named Garrett, which he...

FIFA 14 Review 0

FIFA 14 Review

Every year we’ve seen EA Sports releasing FIFA game with some pretty big changes, but this year’s changes are smaller, more subtle, but they bring out the very best in in FIFA, which is...