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How To Turn Off Xbox One’s Chime Sound

When you are powering on your Xbox One console you often hear a somewhat annoying chime sound which can’t be turned off. From the new 10.0.14393.1040 update, you can choose to play the chime sound or disable...


Fix Italic Font Showing On Web Pages

According to StatCounter, Chrome is the most used browser of all time. If you didn’t know, Russia has been also using a popular Chrome based browser called Yandex, this also comes the 2nd largest...


Taskbar Replacement For Mac

If you are a Mac users coming from Windows or both Windows & Mac users, you will presented with a dock which helps accessing pinned apps more quickly. While is convenient I must say, but...


How To Remove OneDrive From Your PC

When you install Windows 8.1/10, OneDrive is enabled by default and no way you can remove it. However the users with higher version of Windows than the Home edition will able to be disabled via...