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Connect All Your Gaming Controllers To PC/Android

With Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch last week, Xbox One and the PS4 3 years ago they all came with a brand new controller and a impressive set of features never done before. With many of us gamers that plays on the PC, not all of us will get used to the mouse and keyboard and simply prefer a controller instead. In this tutorial we’ll be showing how to connect all 3 controllers to your PC.

Things you’ll need:

  • A Switch Joy-Con/Switch Pro Controller/Xbox One Controller/DualShock 4 Controller
  • JoyToKey (For Nintendo Controllers)/DS4Windows/DS4Tool (For DS4 Controllers)
  • Micro USB cable (You can get those from your Android smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, power banks etc.)
  • And a PC/Laptop with Bluetooth

If your PC/Laptop don’t have a Bluetooth receiver built in, you can get a Ugreen Bluetooth USB stick on AliExpress or you can use wired solution for most of the controller.


Xbox One Controller

With the Xbox One controller is very easy since Microsoft has included native support for Xbox controllers on PCs.

With the Bluetooth method you simply turn the controller by pressing the Xbox button and hold and press the sync button next to the Micro USB slot for at least 3 second and your PC/Android phone should detect the controller and you should able to connect to it.

Dualshock 4 Controller

With Dualshock 4 controllers, you will need to either have DS4Windows or DS4Tool handy as there is no native support on PC apart from Steam with the latest update of course.


With DS4Windows, you simply plug in a Micro USB cable to your DS4 controller and follow the on screen prompt to set everything up. In the setup process it may ask you to install a DS4 driver so that yiu can use your DS4 controller on your Windows PC. If you’re running Windows 7 and blow, you will need to check ‘Install 360 driver as well’ option.

With that being set you can start using your DS4 controller by emulating it as a Xbox controller and start playing your favorite games that support the use of controllers.


If you want to connect using Bluetooth, you hold the PS button and share button for 3 seconds and the lightbar should flash and you should be able to connect to it. Then use DS4Windows to set up games for it or update your Steam to the latest version and enjoy built-in support your DS4 controller.


Switch Joy-Con/Pro Controller

With the Switch Joy-Cons, they are little bit different than connecting other controllers as A) games don’t recognize them naively which means you’ll need JoyToKey as mentioned above and B) you can only use one Joy-Con at a time.


To use the Switch Joy-Con, you will need to hold the sync button located in the middle of the Joy-Con and let your PC/Android phone to detect it. Since you can only use one Joy-Con at a time, your Joy-Con will show up as ‘Joy-Con (R)’ or ‘Joy-Con (L)’.

Once you’ve successfully connected the Joy-Con on your PC, you’ll need to map them to button by using JoyToKey.

Pro Controller

With the Pro Controller you simply press the sync button located on the top and the lights on the button should flash to indicate it’s in pairing mode just like the DS4/Xbox One controller’s flashing lightbar or Xbox logo. Your PC/Android phone should detect as ‘Pro Controller’.

Unfortunately a downside to connecting a Pro Controller is that it only support an old format known as DirectInput and many modern games will not support it. However you can check out Xoutput on GitHub that converts DirectInput to Xinput (which Microsoft uses to support controllers).

Happy gaming!


Kenny Chu

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