Docooler Bluetooth Receiver

If you are looking for a simple gadget that solves your audio problem, you can look into a gadget called Docooler Bluetooth Receiver.

What exactly is Docooler Bluetooth Receiver?

Imagine you have an old stereo system that doesn’t have bluetooth and you wish to play your music on it without having to stretch your arms to that fixed RCA to 3.5 mm cable you’ve connected, you use this.

If you are in the car and your car doesn’t support bluetooth and only has a 3.5 mm audio input, you can also use this simple gadget to solve your audio problem.

And if you have a smart TV and you wish to output the sound wirelessly to the old stereo system, you can use the receiver to do the same as well.

How does it work exactly?

You plug in one end to the receiver and one end to to the input source and voila. But if you have an old stereo system, you can just plug the 3.5 mm part to the receiver and do the same as the other step.

Next, have your phone ready and search for receiver by turning on your bluetooth then simple as connecting to it and you should be able to control your music right from your phone just by walking around without having to stretch your arms.

The only downside is when you are driving on the road, you will have to fiddle with your phone as there is no physical button from the receiver apart from the on/off switch. This is the V2693 model, but you can get the EK201 model from Amazon which has the physical buttons.

But the good thing about the Docooler Bluetooth Receiver is that it has a built-in microphone with hands free interaction.

And of course you can use this gadget up to 4 hours and it only takes 2 hours to charge the receiver from 0 to 100%.

Where to get?

You can currently get it on Aliexpress for the price of $8.70 (US).

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