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dpHey everyone, it has been a while since I made a video. Due to work related issues, you won’t be seeing much posted on my YouTube. But will finally post more updates through out this blog since now is official (comment section open soon or heading to the forum).

Last video I made was The Rise of The E-Begger Official Trailer, a YouTuber who takes donations from streams and use it on his so called “work” in order to improve channel quality (which never happened) and spends on those useless tech which will never be used and sitting in the closet to collect dust.

And a brand new music I made was Wings, based off Wings of Redemption’s crying sounds. Unfortunately my other mini PC’s power supply crashed, so the song #Exposed, won’t be available anytime soon. But I will keep you posted.

Lastly, an official DentedAphid7 mug is coming soon. I mean I am making one to see it first. Is gonna be great!

All videos from DP7 Productions are now available in the archive to see.

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