Gigabyte Motherboard RGB Sync Problem

Recently I was upgrading the testing rig that I have laying around with the DLH 21 case from DarkFlash. Everything works fine for the moment and the case itself has plenty of room for a RTX 30 serie graphics card and room to mount to fan (if you wanted to) and a SATA power connect for RGB fan hubs if you wanted too as well. Compared to my old Shark Zone C10 from Sharkoon, this was a huge upgrade in terms of space and usability and just visually reminded me of Xbox Series X and the NZXT H1 case just without the glasses or even the Evolv Shift 2 from Phanteks.

While everything runs fine as it should, one thing I could not get it to run is the RGB lights from the bottom of the case as seen in videos and screenshots. I even checked the DLH 21 instruction booklet and did mention the 5V ARGB connector. When I first build the PC I wasn’t aware there were any 5V connectors or even notice any RGB headers at all. By looking at the Gigabyte motherboard once again I did find the connector jammed near the audio connector located at the top so I opened the case and hooked up the cable. But I did notice their was a reset button connector hooked up to another connector as well from the case itself, which I didn’t pay too much attention as I can’t be bothered with looking where the cable leads.

After connecting the cable to the motherboard and turned on the PC their were no RGB at all. Even after I download and installed the RGB Fusion 2.0 app and configured the colors still see no RGB at all. I’m a bit new in dealing with Gigabyte motherboards as I previously delt with MSI motherboards and their stupid Dragon Center/Mystic Light 3 app. Does anyone know how to get the motherboard RGB sync to work at all? Thanks…