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Google Now Adds Support Form Saving Maps To MicroSD Card

if you are traveling a lot on the roads, no doubts that you need a GPS to go about  traveling to far places and often it can eat up your data when traveling for a long period of time. With the Google Map update, you may not have to worry so much.

Previously, Google may only allowed you to save certain areas offline to view but the data can be very consuming on your phone’s device storage. With this update, you can choose what type of storage you want to use and be able to save all data to a MicroSD card.

This update will also allows you to save your data by using Wi-Fi only mode and you will not be using your mobile data when you are somewhere where it has Wi-Fi. That means you could set up your destination in a hotel and not have to worry when you are walking around near by places.

As an Australia user, Google Maps are robust when using it against the public transport as it adds support for grabbing data from Public Transport Victoria which gives you buses, trains and trams that needs to be taken in order to get to certain destination.

This update as a whole sounds very interesting and that would save huge chunks of mobile data usage for those who doesn’t have a tons of gigs to spend on their phone plan. If you have already subscribed to the Google Maps beta, you can try out those features earlier.


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