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Google Play Store Is Getting a Redesign

According to an Android employee – Kirill Grouchnikov, Google’s own Play Store could be getting a new redesign soon. If that is the case, it doesn’t look substantially different to the current Google Play Store.

Google Play Store Redesign

According to the animation posted above, it reveals that the store will be reduced to just two category at the moment: App & Games and Entertainment. As you can see, sub-category of entertainment includes Movies & TV, Music, Books etc Isn’t games are some form of entertainment? And why Books & Newsstand classified as entertainment when they are just for reading pleasure?

Google Play Store RTL

The new Play Store will supposedly have support for RTL languages like Hebrew as well.

We’re still unsure when Android users will get their hands on the new Play Store, but APKMirror will probably have an update soon with the APK file.



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