How to distribute/sell your music online?

There is a lot of digital distribution services available when comes to selling your music and payment splitting amongst other artist. Which means you get to own your music (sorta of, which I will explain why below) and be your own boss without guys wearing suits to hussle you.

When I was a kid, I started listing to music to the point where I learned keyboard (which I’d prefer more) and piano (which I sucked at) and created my first crappy song lol

Now you can actually sell your music to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon etc is actually pretty cool.

My experience with Ditto Music:

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Source: Ditto Music

While I was looking on ways to sell music, I discovered Ditto Music which you pay $19 AUD a year (not $19 AUD per song) and get your music free on 130+ stores with unlimited upload within the year is actually cool. Or $29 AUD for 2 and $69+ for 5+ more (which I’d recommend).

When you starts off with 1 artists, you actually becomes the main/solo artist. So any other artists that worked with you is considered a band artist. That means after upgrading to 5+ artists, your co-existing artists will remain as a band artists meaning they can’t upload or sell music unless you take all existing releases down from stores.

There is one other minor problem is that when you have a slow Internet, your wav file actually get stuck at times when uploading music. Also that the site occasionally throws in a red 403 or 404 error and the whole site become unresponsive and you have to go back and restart again from where you left off.

But other than that this is one solid platform for selling your music. You keep 100% of what you makes and no royalties paid back to Ditto Music.

What about other distribution services?

While Ditto Music is free, some others are not and they require you to pay per single distribution, album distribution charges more + some of them you will need to pay royalties back to them as a thank you.

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Source: The Drum

Now that TikTok is going huge, you can also distribute your music there too.

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