How To Shop Online Using Shipito

You may be wondering what exactly is Shipito? Shipito is a service that considered a middle man for your online shoppings. For example if you shop online at Walmart, you know Walmart don’t exactly ships outside off the US and this is where Shipito plays a part.

Getting started:

Sign up to Shipito is easy, just like if you were to create an Amazon or any other online accounts, then Shipito will gave you a address based on 2 regions, one in the US and one for European countries. This is actually their warehouse addresses.

You will also need to add your house address so they can actually ship the package to you once they have received the package from the original source of purchasing.

Where they ship to?

Pretty much most of the countries from A – Z. You can check out their list by typing from the top.

What about costs?

The cost of our assisted purchase service is $8.50 USD (plus cost of purchase, sales tax, bank fee, commission, and shipping). The price applies to 10 unique items of the purchase. For example if you plan to purchase 15 unique items the price will be two times $8.50 ($17) USD. If you purchase hundred of the same item the price remains $8.50 USD.

Shipping cost depends on the account type you have activated. With a Standard Account, you pay for each individual package. With a Premium Account, you can consolidated packages. When you utilize the assisted purchase option, be aware that some sellers might send your items in multiple packages. We have no control whether they pack it into one box or multiple boxes because of this it is recommended to sign up for a premium account where you can consolidate packages and save on shipping.

You can read all about it in their how it works page. You can also use their shipping calculator if you are unsure about costs.

This is where you need to add credits to your account for the shipping costs.

The End/Conclusion

That’s pretty much it. You can shop on any online store of your choice in US or European without having to worry about “region lock” in a way.

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