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Is LG G5 A Scratch Proof Device? Guess not… But There Is A Catch

People seriously need to calm down over a device that offers extraordinary features that no other device can offer at the moment. But one thing that has raised so many concerns is the metal rear casing that special coding that LG went and used. This isn’t bad as the iPhone 6 bendgate that most people were complaining about.


For anyone who already own a LG G5, you know how easy the device can be scratched and even some of the parts aren’t aligned properly. But according to LG, the scratch isn’t a bad thing, because they used primer painting which isn’t how most of smartphone do:

What you’re seeing there is primer, not a plastic cover. As you know, primer is used to get paint to bond to aluminum, which is what we used for the G5’s body. The aluminum alloy we sourced is known as LM201b (patent pending) and was developed at the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology for use in automobiles and aircraft. LM201b, unlike the aluminum used in other smartphones, is diecast unibody which makes it very sturdy while still maintaining lightweight properties.

We figured out a way to integrate the antenna bands into the aluminum seamlessly so you can’t feel the lines and covered the LM201b with primer and paint using a process called microdizing which means that tiny particles of metal are infused in the coating and bonded to the aluminum. I think it’s incorrect to say that a product isn’t all metal if paint is involved. That’s like saying cars and airplanes aren’t metal because they’re also painted. For the record, even metal that’s anodized will scratch off. Our process may be different, but it achieved what we were aiming for, which is a smooth, seamless metal finish that’s durable and lightweight. We weren’t interested in doing what has already been done. When did this become a bad thing?

I personally have no grudge against LG for trying something new, because is called innovation. Apple is also trying to hide those ugly antenna lines for their future iPhone some how.

However a person on YouTube has pretty much sums up people’s mentality in a single paragraph:

 People are impossible. You want a removable battery but complain about a phone not being “metal enough”. You don’t like unsightly antenna band but complain when a company adds primer and paint to hide them. You want something new and different but tear someone apart when their phone isn’t designed like an iPhone or a Galaxy or an HTC. You can’t have everything. I for one applaud LG for adding a metal design while not taking away features such as a removable battery, microsd support, and an IR blaster, and adding a wide angle camera, USB C, and Quick Charge 3.0 with a SD 820. I can’t think of 1 other phone that combines these features so kudos to you LG for bringing something new i to the table.

You guys have to remember, LG G5 does allows you to “change” parts like Google’s Project Ara to address battery removable problem that everyone’s having now and Samsung added Micro SD card support like everybody suggested, so why complaining about LG’s rear casing?


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