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Jide Offers Full Fledged OS Running Android Apps

Remember that Chrome OS even existed? Well, Google wanted to have Android apps running on it in the near feature but has never happened yet. That should’ve happed a long time ago, but lack of this feature forces users to run Chrome web based apps instead.

A company by the name of Jide just made the dream come true. I always wanted a native Android desktop without having to buy one of those Android PCs which basically runs full tablet mode or using Nox emulator in the long run because half a dozen apps from the Play Store won’t install on Nox and neither of those made for touchscreen support.

Remix OS took Android in a whole new level by making Android apps run if they are a native desktop application on your PC, a bit like what Microsoft does with universal apps on Windows Phone. This isn’t just a tablet mode, you can even run mobile application on it and has file manager and everything you’d expect from a traditional Windows PC – also widget support. The OS will be available for free download on January 12th.


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