More Review-“Crapping” Follows, as Epic’s Rocket League Buyout

Earlier last week, Epic announces would be buying the studio behind the famous soccer vehicle mayhem game Rocket League – Psyonix studio. Which then sparked an outrage within the gaming community.

Not surprising, users quickly took to Steam and started doing what is known as review-bombing (we know the title, but we don’t want to include the word) on Rocket League’s Steam page which surpasses 3000+ “bad” reviews.

This isn’t the first time users has took to Steam and review-bombed or heavily criticized a game that sold only on Epic store for a timed-exclusive period. Games of their previous releases from titles like Metro Exodus and Borderlands 3 or even The Division 2 all has been review-bombed for past relations with Steam.

Why isn’t “bad” reviews working anymore?

Valve already implemented a new commenting system that will stop “bad” reviews by calculating overall times “bad” reviews has been made and will not count them towards review score then treats them as non existent. This is one review-bombed games still showing positive review even if the game are stormed with “bad” reviews.

Meanwhile other games like Heavy Rain, Detroit, Beyond: Two Souls, The Outer Worlds are all getting talked about on social media for releasing on Epic store.

Steam is known as the forefront for PC gaming distribution while including the likes of uPlay from Ubisoft, Origin from EA, Bethesda Launcher (Bethesda), (Blizzard) for their own titles and GOG.

This is because of the on going battle on revenue split between Valve and Epic Games.

Image result for steam epic revenue split

Epic Store CEO Tim Sweeney took to Twitter and stated that will only stop exclusives if Valve changes how much developers/publishers get and even considering publishing their game to Steam.

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