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New Apple AirPods Will Work With Non Apple Devices

While Apple has announced the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, Apple also took the staged and showcased the new Apple AirPods and leaves some people speculating that if it those brand new set of AirPods will work on non Apple devices.

As of now AirPods will only work on newer devices running iOS 10, macOS Sierra & watchOS 3. However, older devices that can be upgraded to iOS 10, macOS Sierra & watchOS 3 will also support the new AirPods.

However, in a new statement to Verge, Apple has confirmed that AirPods will indeed work with non Apple devices, but looses it’s core features like seamless transitioning, one touch setup, Siri etc when a non Apple device is used.

It seems that Apple has finally opened up it’s services and supports more platforms. Like the Android to iOS app and Apple’s own music player both appeared on Google’s Play Store.



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