Chat 'n' Go - Your PC, Your Game - Part 14

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What Browser Should Really Be

We’ve herd in the past that Microsoft is developing a friendly light-weight browser which will be more easier to use and less CPU hog. But can it really beat it’s competitors like Firefox, Chrome or...

Windows 10, Spartan and Cortana 2

Windows 10, Spartan and Cortana

In a recent post we wrote that Microsoft’s new web browser, Spartan and voice assistant Cortana might have something to do with Halo and future apps may include Halo related things. Phoenix from HaloFollower have posted...

FIFA 14 Review 0

FIFA 14 Review

Every year we’ve seen EA Sports releasing FIFA game with some pretty big changes, but this year’s changes are smaller, more subtle, but they bring out the very best in in FIFA, which is...