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Microsoft Sues Corel For Slider UI Patent

You may not be familiar with the company Corel, but one of the program known to me is CorelDRAW, a PhotoShop alike program for drawing. So what Corel done that have possibly make Microsoft angry? Apparently Corel’s office...


Sony Won’t Kill InFamous Series

Infamous: Second Son won’t be Sony’s last game from the inFamous series according to PlayStation boss Scott Rohde. To further clarify, Kinda Funny Games asked Rohde that the future plans for InFamous Series. Rohde replied saying: “We’re never going...


How To Use a Blu-Ray Drive Without Buying One

Blu-ray has been existed for decades and it’s use to deliver HD video content and or large amounts of data. Things like movies, PS3/PS4 games are using Blu-ray discs as well. Blu-ray discs are much improved over...