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Steam Update Soon Adds PlayStation 4 Controller Support

As somewhat a PC/Console gamer I’d agree that getting everything setup on PC isn’t straightforward as plug n play unless you use a Xbox controller. Soon Steam will able to support your PlayStation 4 controller, meaning no more drives and hacky programs to get it working.

At Steam Dev Days conference, Valve engineer Jeff Bellinghausen made this announcement with many more controller support in near feature.

As of now, many 3rd party controllers including the PS4 controller would need a custom driver and  DS4Windows or InputMapper to get them working as it has no direct support like the Xbox controller does.

According to Doucet, this will overlap with the Steam controller allowing users to configure the same way as the Steam controller does, including support for PS4 controller’s touchpad and gyro.

This indeed a great news as somehow my 2nd laptop don’t work with my Xbox 360 controllers anymore after I installed a custom driver for a 3rd party PC gamepad I brought on Aliexpress including custom driver for InputMapper.

Now, happy gaming.


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