September Releases For Gaming Bulletin

August has come to light, and we are preparing for a new round of Gaming Bulletin Releases where we discuss the newest games that that will be released in August. This is only the beginning of whats to be expected leading up to the end of the year.

Below is a full list of some of the biggest games yet to come compiled from the Gaming Bulletin.


1. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

PC/PS4/XONE – 15 September 2017

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is an action game set in the Dishonored game universe. We play as a new protagonist, Billie Lurk. She is an assassin with supernatural powers and the right hand of Daud, one of the series’ primary antagonists and the character we played as in two DLCs of the first Dishonored game. Our job is to hunt down the titular Outsider, a mysterious being that is the source of the supernatural powers used by the series’ heroes.


2. LEGO Worlds

PC/PS4/XONE/SWITCH – 7 September 2017

LEGO Worlds was designed as a multiplayer virtual playground, in which the gameplay is focused on creating our own constructions and exploring thus created brick world with other players. The game is a classic sandbox reminiscent of the popular Minecraft, giving us complete freedom to shape the world around us. Players can meet and interact in various ways, as well as take part in a variety of adventures.


3. NBA 2K18

PC/PS3/PS4/X360/XONE/SWITCH – 19 September 2017

In NBA 2K18, players once again get at their disposal an elaborate basketball simulator revolving around the official NBA league. Apart from the teams currently playing in the league and the official USA and Australia national teams, the game delivers iconic teams from the past – not only those one might remember from the previous installments in the NBA 2K series, but also such teams as 1998-1999 New York Knicks and 2007-2008 Denver Nuggets.


4. Knack 2

PS4 – 5 September 2017

A sequel to the three-dimensional platformer by the Japanese team of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Once again players take control of the titular Knack – a small robot which can absorb various objects to increase its size. Like the first game, Knack 2 uses TPP view, and the gameplay focuses on exploration, solving simple puzzles and fighting enemies.


5. Destiny 2

PC/PS4/XONE – 6 September 2017

Destiny 2 introduces many new changes and improvements, not only concerning the story (this time, the story will play a bigger part than in the first game), but also in the gameplay mechanics. In Destiny 2, we will visit completely new, enormous locations (i.e. Saturn alone will be bigger than the entire first game), finding new, vibrant metropolises. In the wilderness, we will find both enemies and enemy checkpoints that are just waiting to be taken over by us.


6. Pokken Tournament DX

SWITCH – 22 September 2017

Pokken Tournament DX is an improved version of the Wii U game Pokken Tournament. In terms of gameplay mechanics, the game in topic is not that different than the most popular 3D fighting games. Pokken Tournament DX offers over 20 pokemon from both the old and new installments of the main RPG series. Each of them has its own unique fight style and combo attacks.


7. FIFA 18

PC/PS3/PS4/X360/XONE/SWITCH – 29 September 2017

The game is another installment in the FIFA series. Electronic Arts introduced a lot of important changes in this follow-up and those will probably constitute a real treat for all the fans of virtual soccer. What is especially noticeable, is the introduction of the Real Players Motion technology that governs the appearances, animations and behaviours of the in-game footballers.


8. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

PC/PS4/XONE – 19 September 2017


9. WRC 7

PC/PS4/XONE – 19 September 2017

Another installment in a series of rally games developed by Kylotonn Racing Games. The game has the license of FIA World Rally Championship, so during the campaign, the player takes part in 13 authentic rally competitions – those give the same number of locations and 63 special stages.


10. Metroid: Samus Returns

3DS – 15 September 2017

As the title may suggest, Samus Aran, an intergalactic bounty hunter who fights with space pirates, is the protagonist here, just like in many other Metroid games. Action in the game is presented from a side-scrolling perspective. Gameplay focuses on exploration of various vast and nonlinear levels and elimination of the titular metroid creatures. As we progress, we gain access to new areas.


Of course you can check out the full list at GamePressure.


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