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Windows 10 Soon Add Support For Android Notifcations

There are times when you receive a SMS or Facebook messenger alerts, you always have to find your phone and flick back and fourth to read and dismiss those notifications and there is no native support on PC. Of course there are apps like Pushbullet, AirDroid or even Desktop Notifications, but those requires you to install both apps on your phone & PC.

During Microsoft’s BUILD conference, Microsoft has announced that soon users will be able to see their notifications right from Windows 10.

With mirroring, Windows 10 users will see notifications from their smartphone on their desktop as they come in. They can then determine whether or not the notification requires their attention or whether they can ignore it without having to pull their smartphone out of their pocket.

Users will also have the ability to dismiss notifications universally. Doing so will remove the notification from their desktop and their smartphone at the same time. Later on, we hope to see more options, like the ability to reply to messages and archive emails.

This is all done through Windows 10’s new Action Center, and for those who uses an iPhone, Microsoft’s also looking at adding those feature for it. Since the limitations of iOS platform, Microsoft aren’t able to integrate these features at the moment.



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