YouTube Music Explained & Faults

When I first herd about YouTube Music I was confused at first because Google already has Google Play Music and Google recently has been converting artist channels with a music symbol next to their channel name. So what is YouTube Music all about?

Well, ever since Spotify and now Apple Music existed, YouTube wanted that piece of pie as well. And not only that, Google wants to separate music on YouTube from normal videos or at least encourage people to join up their music streaming service.

With YouTube Red [Premium] already there, this makes sense for people to use one services after all since it pay for YouTube exclusive content, music, remove ads, background video playing, save videos offline and so on. But not everyone will have access to YouTube Red [Premium] and not everyone is willing to stay subscribed to YouTube Red [Premium] after the trial period has ended. With the recent killing of YouTube Red [Premium] and renamed to YouTube Premium, looks like is a sign that YouTube Red [Premium] wasn’t doing well to began with.

From what I’ve tested so far on, it so far so good, but not perfect. Once you open the app on your devices or the browser version, you will be presented with a dark theme just like what Google has done with YouTube Gaming. You get a bunch of sections labeling the mood you feel like listen to, a new music section which won’t allow you to click on the title to see all the latest songs, popular songs, recommended music videos, live performances and new music videos.

However, there are still many problems since it shares the same database as YouTube just like YouTube Gaming, you can still see your existing playlist from YouTube, liked songs are just videos that you liked on YouTube that has been posted in the music category also the artist that you’ve subscribed to are essentially YouTube channels that solely posting music related content on their channel. And not every song is paired up with music videos, even though they have one.

But unlike YouTube Gaming, you can’t replace the profile IDs to the ones from YouTube and expect to see your favorite YouTubers on YouTube Music, because it solely relies on the topic channel like (Drake – Topic) and will present you with a message saying “Opps, Something went wrong.” What I’ve found is those topic channels are useless, essentially are just re-posted content from the actual artists that has the green lights from record labels.

What I’ve hoped was maybe a re-branded Google Play Music with added music video capabilities, so you can watch music video related to a song. But that not the case and has left many of us confused. Also what about people that don’t have YouTube Red [Premium]? They are left out in the cold?

For me YouTube Music offering nothing new than what I can already do on the existing YouTube platform, just with a darker theme and filtered out categories. So I really hope Google can come up with something which will blow people’s mind, which I doubt it after failed messaging apps they’ve tried in the past.

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