Assign NPC Jobs In Sims 4

As I mentioned in my Sims 4 Jobs article that I accidently removed one of my sim’s NPC job by adding her into one of my household. There is a mod called NPCC (short for NPC Control) which allows you to assign NPC jobs to unemployed sims. This mod just what I need for NPC jobs to be reassigned back to my sim. However, there is a slight problem.

Sims that are looking for an NPC job cannot be moved into a household. Although, removing ID as I mentioned on the other article did briefly give my current sim a NPC job, but not permanent.

However I was able to give one of my newly created sim a fitness trainer career by doing the following:

  1. I placed the newly created sims into a house from another town (could be any empty house).
  2. Give her a level 10 fitness skill and active trait, which both are required as a trainer.
  3. Edit the household and move in few more sims (depending on lot size). I just went ahead and moved to sims in to 2 bedroom house as my newly created sim won’t staying there anyway.
  4. Make sure my new “roommate” had a good chat and get to know her before she moves out.
  5. Move her out of the house into not in world section.
  6. Go to a gym lot and invite her onto the lot and make sure she steps into the gym (if that sim hasn’t stepped into the gym, then won’t work).
  7. Open NPCC and assign her as a gym trainer and boom.

Once you’ve done that, her status from relationship pane should remove her unemployed status to nothing or not showing. Then my other sim started asking about her career and she told the sim she is employed as a fitness trainer at sky fitness.