Dive Down: What Processor Does Samsung Galaxy 22 Ultra Use In Australia

Samsung’s latest flagship is now available around Australia in both carrier and non-carrier form. It features a single sim and an e-sim which is what I really hate. But what about the CPU of the phone?

You see, ever since Samsung launched it’s phone in Australia, we get their crappy Exynos chipset like forever with the rest of the world meanwhile in the US, China, Taiwan, Canada, they get to enjoy Snapdragon variant. You can read Why Exynos is not used by Samsung in the U.S. market ? – a recap on Reddit to see why Samsung choses Snapdragon being used instead of Exynos in the US market.

It seems that when I looked in stores like Jb-Hi-Fi, Officeworks when Samsung first launched it’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, it was running their own Exynos chipset. Until recently I checked again even on Vodafone’s website, they seems to be changed from Exynos 2200 (to be exact) to Snapdragon 8450 and I couldn’t understand why was the case.

According to this forum post from Samsung, it seems that performance issue was the reason why they did the swap here in Australia. While Europeans and some other countries still stuck with the Exynos variant. It seems that in South Korea, they already migrated to Snapdragon chipset since the release of the Note 20. There even news saying Samsung is going to completely ditch their Exynos chipset for a entirely new chipset made by them.

What Exynos is known for:

  • Overheating and Throttling
  • Poor performance/lag
  • Less Efficient
  • Poor 5G performance
  • Poor camera performance