HDD/SSD/M2 Testing Rig & Spec

If you wanted to know the speed of internal hard drives before making a purchase, we here perform all kinds of tests using ATTO, CrystalDiskInfo, TxBench and HD Tune Pro. We also perform other test such as exporting 1 min long video using Filmora X (Free) to determent exporting time and copying files over 1 GB.

The test of each drive we mentioned here is done in our custom budget built PC. We render all testing drives blank with no drive latter or partition assigned then create brand new partition before testing.

We benchmark all HDD/SSD/M2 via following configuration (unless says otherwise):

Motherboard:Gigabyte H470I Aorus Pro AX
OS:Windows 10
Architecture:64 bit
RAM:Kingston Value RAM 2 x 8 GB 2666 Mhz
Processor:Intel Core i5 10400
GFX:ASUS Strix 6 GB OC Edition

Some of the components might be out dated, but passed all required tests. Components might be upgraded at any given time.