How Yakuza 3 Should’ve Been Kiwami Instead

In this video I explained how Yakuza 3 could benifit from Kiwami release instead of remastered.

I mean the game was originally released on PS3 (beginning of it’s life cycle), it hasn’t age very well at all, unlike Kiwami 2 for instance.

Couple of hours (12.1 hours as of writing) into the game found that overall physics is just bad and awfully reminded me playing Yakuza 0 or the first Kiwami.

From what I’ve read, the game 0, 1 & 5 uses the same engine, 3 & 4 uses a slightly outdated version of the old engine and 2, 6 & 7 uses the new dragon engine which made a huge improvement overall compared to the old games in terms of visuals and everything else.

For instance, the physics overall improved with batter camera angles and you’re no longer restricted in small places or in a shop without able to turn. Cars and people are more live as more objects like taxies are planted across the map. Moving from one area to another area is seamless and requires no waiting time. You can even walk into some of the buildings as well. facial expression for characters are much more improved.

Now, back to Yakuza 3

When comes to the combat, enemies are often hard to fight as they tents to block a lot and their buddies tents to sneak up behind you while you’re trying to master your heat moves then knock you out. In terms of boss fights this is where the struggle kicks in and got my ass handed very soon. Especially when they decided to block every few punches and use their heat moves or even weapons and that leaves you no chance of beating them.


Overall I think Yakuza 3 could’ve done a Kiwami. The fact that the game producer has mentioned it, it would be a stretch before that will be available. Some of the commenters on the Internet suggest to port other Yakuza games like Dead Soules or focusing on other Sega series, which they are not wrong.