I’m confused. What is Google Wallet?

I must say, when I first go “walletless” it was when Google already had Google Pay for a while and that introduced me to it. Then I started using Google Pay mainly for some reward card and credit card payments as it still expanding here in Australia.

Right before 2018, many parts of the world might’ve used something like Android Pay or Google Wallet and later transitioned into Google Pay. I was so excited when Google announced a new Google Pay app in 2020. But it turns out to be US/Singapore rollout only. ☹

Again, in the US you get a brand-new look, brand-new icon and a bunch of features which isn’t available in Australia just yet. Which sucks.  

What’s supported in Australia with Google Pay so far:

  • You can use Myki transport in Melbourne Australia.
  • Add loyalty/gift cards.
  • Add vaccination status card.
  • Airline ticket (Virgin only)

Tracking balance and sending money to friends are only available in certain regions.

At Google’s I/O developer conference, Google announced it will bring back it’s OG Wallet app. Google Wallet suppose to be the “brand new” app that expand upon the current Google Pay app by adding concert tickets, digital IDs and more…

Meanwhile in Singapore and the US, you must have a separate app Wallet for IDs, loyalty/gift cards, train/bus tickets, vaccination status card… While GPay (as they call it) used mainly for all money related such as payment and peer to peer transfer. Confused yet? Sure I am…

You can read extensive features supported by Google Pay right here: https://support.google.com/pay/answer/9023773?hl=en#zippy=%2Csend-money-to-friends-family

A whole Reddit post explaining this Google Pay thing.