John Romero’s Doom II Floppy Disks Sells For Over $3000 (USD) On eBay

What a unfortunately world we live in. With John Romero’s Doom II getting popular still today, you can enjoy the DOOM experience just about any device you could imagine from mobile phones, TI calculators, 3Dses, Consoles to PC.

Of course if you want the physical version on a floppy disk, it will set you back over $3000 (USD) on eBay. What so special about it? None… Apart from the creator of Doom, John Romero attached to it and he will sign it. As of writing this, I can not seem to locate the listing. Maybe is gone?

The reason why I’m not really “hyped” for this is that you could easily make the disks yourself and slap on the label yourself. But is interesting to see people will actually flock over money for it and the days of floppy disks are long gone. Maybe to those floppy enthusiast, they will collect any physical games.

You can currently get those game on both Steam Eand GOG.