Just Discovered a Deezer Feature I Always Wanted

Since 2016 I’ve been listening to music on a Samsung flip phone before the era of smartphones turned into touch screen and a proper 3.5 headphone jack was introduced before moving to bluetooth headphones.

About every month or so I always have a collection of music replacing my current library. I was stilling listening to MP3s in local MP3 players such as AMP and then moved to BlackPlayer before even went to streaming in early 2020. More of that is the fact that I still had a terrible smartphone plan which only had 2 GB each month because I could not afford a higher plan when I was younger so I couldn’t offord to stream.

Back in late 2019 I started using the service called Last.FM and has been put it off since 2016 when I thought Last.FM was for listening to radio and due to the fact that my smartphone plan was terrible and wasn’t possible to even stream online radio stations let alone stream services like Deezer or Spotify. The fact that I had to use Last.FM as much as possible is so that I can unlock the adding cover art feature which Last.FM disabled for newbies that hasn’t scrobbled music at all and I liked how it ranks albums and artists in a leaderboard sort of thing just to keep a track on how many times I’ve listened to a particular artist for example and it also tracks what genere I was listening to each month and you can even compare your habbit with friends or people you follow.

During early 2020 I decided to flip the switch and started using Deezer. Then I found an app called Pano Scrobble that helped me to scrobble music even if the device is offline. Compared to official integrations, this doesn’t brake at all and supports any app that outputs media playback to Android notification like YouTube, Apple Music (which yet to get official integration), Tidal etc. But downside is, you can’t use that on media player with streaming services built in.

What I really missed from Deezer after using BlackPlayer is the fact that you can just search your entire library using a word or a parse that you remembered from a song you just herd. That could also help to boost a particular song or an artist on Last.FM.

After got my first Fiio music player, the M11, I downloaded all my albums and playlists offline to a Micro SD card and started listening offline without having to drain the battery. Since Pano can be used offline, I just turn on the Internet after a day or 2 and let it scrobble.

Then one day out of the blue I decided to do a search and realized I was offline thinking that search won’t work offline. But it turns out that will search your entire downloaded collection using a specific word or phrase and I was so relived and happy. It might take a while depending on how many songs you gave saved offline, the device you are using and the speed of the Micro SD card. DJ radio shows with snippets of music cut from the show will often show in search result with their name attached. I’m guessing is the title of the radio show which has the name? Or the way they distributed their music online.

Having said that, now I can finally go back to my old habit of listening some songs that I remembered and get ranks up on Last.FM.