Let’s Take A Look At Hikvision C2000 Pro

Hikvision is a brand that specializes in security cameras, so their storage division is totally new for me and bunch of other people who never herd of them before which only available in Hikvision’s sub-brand Hikstorage. Here is a list of SSDs from Linus Tech Tips and you can tell where C2000 exactly sits.

C2000 is a NVME type drive and the model I’ve got is the 1TB variant with the UNIC Original TLC 3D NAND flash and a 1 GB cache. There is another 512 GB model with Toshiba original Toshiba Original TLC 3D NAND flash.


Model:C2000 Pro
Type:NVMe PCIe
Cache:1 GB
Seq Read:3500 MB/s
Seq Write:3000 MB/s
4K Read:600 K
4K Write:600 K
Nand:TLC 3D NAND flash
Operating Temp:No Spec Given
Power Consumption:No Spec Given

The SSD comes in a black box with gold color around it and the Hikvision branding not the fancy red box with the cartoon character, model number and some spec on the back but not much, inside the box we have with the SSD itself, a rubber pad for dispensing the heat and a CRIUS branded shield for enclosure.

Previously when I had Windows 10 before downgrading both the SSD back to it’s original Toshiba M2 and Zorin OS with KDE installed, lucky I was able to do a speedtest with TxBench and here are the result:

TxBench with 4 KB Alignment on a HP Laptop

As you can see for the result is quite high when comes to write/read speed and drop a bit in random write/read speed. Random 4K write speed has deeped very low and did not live up to it’s read and write in my initial testing. Overall read/write speed to live up to it’s claims as stated in the specs.

For the second try, I’ve installed this on my custom mini PC:

The second test has produced a similar results. The sequential read and write actually little higher then the laptop, random read just failed by little and write is 200 MB/s less. 4K Q1T1 still struggle and 4K Q32T1 are very close again with 200 MB/s less.

Here are the test from CrystalDiskInfo:

CrystalDiskInfo reported the drive as NVM Express 1.3 using PCIE 3.0 x 4 transfer mode. The running temperature for the drive is 36 °C which is normal. The drive supports S.M.A.R.T., trim and volatile write cache. All attributes are marked blue.


ATTO readings for this drive are quite high with read reaching up to 2.8 GB/s and read close to 3.2 GB/s.

Rendering a normal video using Filmora X:

Rendering a 1 min long video to this drive using Filmora X (Free Version) took us 1:05. It might differ.

Overall test gives us good results so far.