Microsoft Is Finally Taking Step To Kill Flash Off

Anyone still remember the good old Macromedia? Yup, they made Flash and has since been everywhere for decades. Then Adobe brought Flash in 2005 and made a program called Adobe Flash where people can create Flash content. I still remember playing punch of games in high school where a guy brought a USB and had full loads of Flash games. Sites like YouTube back then has used Flash before moved to HTML 5 and Newgrounds, one of my childhood site also used Flash for a while too.

Flash has been around for a while now, you gonna love it or hate it. There is games made with it, animation made with it and a fullblown fancy interactive websites were made with it too. The good thing is that Apple never made support for Flash on their iOS devices to begin with. Meanwhile Android had apps that supports Flash.

Back in 2017 Adobe called for Flash’s gradual fate, I think should be a real fate and stop worrying what’s the damages will do to companies and what’s not. Microsoft has yet to kill of Flash on Windows or it’s own browser (actually it follows Google’s lead on the browser side), while 3rd party web browsers are slowly killing them off with Firefox version 85 (2021), and Google already killed of Flash with Chrome 88 (2021).

In the upcoming patch Tuesday this summer with Windows version 1809 and onward, this is where Flash getting removed from Windows 10 and versions 1507 and 1607 in July. Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Embedded 8 will follow suit as well with the July removal.

Finally! Just kill off Flash already…