PS3, PS Vita, PSP Storefront Shutting Down

I’m not really surprised all those systems have their storefront shut. IS ABOUT DAMM TIME.

I feel like people are crying for no reasons at all. Is time to move on lol This doesn’t mean you can’t play your favorite game on your beloved system, just means you can’t buy new ones.

The problem with some of those portable consoles is that requires you to either carry a disc or a cartridge or get a proprietary storage cards that no one else makes but Sony, which cost quite a lot when the consoles were first launched. And the idea of carrying discs or a cartridges not exactly fits into that sence of portable and is really lame. Games on those portable system often lack compared to their console/PC counterparts and is only meant for quick and easy on the go type gaming.

I remembered when I was a child and brought a PSP of my neighbours just to hide it so my mum won’t found out lol. Then few years down the track, I showed to one of my friend who also had a PSP and he took mine and helped to mod the console so I could emulate old games and play region locked games. Modding a PS3 is defiantly possible [wikiHow], even with a PS Vita [Tech Savvy Buyer].

Another thing is that Sony recently introduced supported for TOTP based 2FA, meaning you can generate 1 time code on apps like Google Authenticator, Authy, Yandex Keys and alike (Finally!). With older systems before the PS4 (not trying to be too technical here), Sony hasn’t built a system to handel this input (That’s what I think). Instead, users have to go to their site and generate a one time password or stick to SMS based 2FA, which is less secure and won’t work without cellular network or overseas without paying for extra roaming fees.

One of the biggest problem is that Sony hasn’t properly built a system for backward compatibility. Unlike Microsoft which has support since the 360, Sony only did it for the PS2. Of course there is the PS Now service, but those games won’t stay there forever when Sony decides to shut the service or remove a game for whatever reason and the same for those games on the storefront.

Ever since I built my own gaming PC/workstation, I pretty much spend my time building up my library from Humble Bundle without having to worry about games be gone because with Steam, removed games can still be played at least for now, but you won’t get updates from it unless the game is re-published.

Now when I look back on console games, I don’t really miss it.