Qobuz Launches In Australia And New Zealand

When I herd about Qobuz being launched in Australia I wasn’t excited or sad. Meh, just another streaming services when the market is over saturated with streaming services in the likes of Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer music and so on.

Qobuz claims to have CD quality music in 24-Bit up to 192 kHz different than competitors out there, but still. Do you guys burn each song to a CD and rip them to distribute to the stores? lol Meanwhile Deezer let’s you listen to 16-bit FLAC quality when you subscribe to their HiFi plan and Spotify has introduced lossless audio at 1,411 kbps.

The Price

Let’s compare Qobuz to something like Deezer and Spotify.


Studio Premier /MonthStudio Premier Family /MonthStudio Premier / YearStudio Premier Family /Year
$19.16 (AUD)$44.99 (AUD)$229.99 (AUD)$429.99 (AUD)


Individual /MonthDuo /MonthFamily /MonthStudent /Year
$11.99 (AUD)$15.99 (AUD)$18.99 (AUD)$5.99 (AUD)


Deezer HiFi /MonthDeezer Premium /MonthDeezer Family /MonthAnnual Plan /Year
$17.99 (AUD)$11.99 (AUD)$17.99 (AUD)$107.91 (AUD)

So both Deezer and Spotify offers just around $12 (AUD) for it’s single plan and Qobuz is offering close to $20 (AUD). That aren’t exactly welcoming especially you are new to the market. Let’s look at Qubuz’s yearly plan vs Deezer’s. As you can see Deezer currently offering $107.91 (AUD) while Qubuz is currently offering $430 (AUD). Again, that’s $300 (AUD) difference.

Both Spotify and Deezer offers podcast while Qubuz only offers music. Also it dose not have a Android TV experience like both Spotify and Deezer or even Apple Music.

Music Availability

Compared to Spotify for example, I’m not sure if all songs are going to be there (obviously not), can you upload your own songs? (Maybe not) and also Qobuz isn’t something people will know when talking about music streaming services.