Scooter Choices In Australia: Very Limited

When comes to scooters in Australia, there isn’t many choices available due to battery import regulations. All I see is big giant Ninebot hovering around the streets and buses. Why everyone carries a Ninebot? Can’t you give other brands a try? Like Xiaomi for example.

Getting a scooter in Australia can be a tough choice, since there is many factors involved such as size and weight, the speed or the scooter a consumer can own, and that differs in each states. Power and the range is another consideration and regular maintenance such as cleaning, tyre maintenance (some retail stores can do that for ya), charge before ride. Pricing is another factor to consider as scooters can range for little as $300 to over $4000.

Of course, you can get different brand such as the Xiaomi scooter in this listing from ebargain and Neozin scooter from this listing on iScoot. But most people probably won’t get it because they don’t know about it or don’t want to deal with shipping or cost factor.

Since there is little to no competitors compared to other markets around the world, Ninebot must be making a ton of money giving consumers no choice then buying their product. Which, in my opinion, must be really suck.

But most of other brands are just standard scooters with no electronics or amazing features what so ever. Still, it really sucks.

The problem is if you wanted to buy a cool little scooter you saw at Geekbuying or AliExpress or Gearbest or even Banggood, they usually don’t outside of the region the scooter is sold from.

I do wish more brands and choices of scooters are available in Australia soon. But right now it seems Xiaomi and Segway (Ninebot) are they only way to go.

Scooterhut, iScoot is alternative places you can buy scooters if you don’t want to limit your choices.