Terms and Rules

UPDATED: 23/07/17

Your Rights and Obligations

To minimize misunderstandings and to maintain a polite and professional atmosphere we have a set of Forum Rules to govern and control the manner in which the Forum is used by all. There are also legal ramifications that can arise from forum posts so these rules serve to protect you. You use of the forum assumes you have read and agree to abide by these rules.

You also accept to have your post(s) moderated for any breach of these rules. If the behaviour of another forum user or the content of any messages that you receive via the forums makes you feel uncomfortable or worried, please feel free to contact a staff member or moderator.

Respect the Community

Always treat fellow posters, users & staff with respect and courtesy. While debating and discussion is fine, but we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting language, threatening or personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Therefore to maintain harmony and goodwill, any user (Staff and VIP user inclusive) violating this rule will be banned. Swearing that is contextually understandable, even if it is spelled incorrectly, e.g. removing a letter, will be moderated and a warning sent to the forums user. Our decision is final in these matters.

Login Details

When you register at Chat ‘n’ Go, you’ll be using the same password that you have entered in the field on the registration page. You are responsible for your own password and whatever you do with it. You can change the password in your profile when you log into your account. Your password is private, and no one can see your password, but if you lost your password, you can receive a new one by private messaging one of the forum staff members or administrators of Chat ‘n’ Go, and of course you will need to back-up yourself with useful information to know that you registered that account on Chat ‘n’ Go. You have to inform Chat ‘n’ Go immediately if an unauthorized use of your password, account or any other security infringement is done. You have to make sure that you disconnect from your account at the end of each session. Chat ‘n’ Go cannot, and will not be held responsible of any loss or damage which results from a breach in these conditions.

Forums User Roles

Forum consists different users or staff members (including admins). Each users on this forum will have different capabilities for each roles as listed (below) to ensure each user have appropriate access to different parts of the forum.

  • Admin – The master of the forum which can manage the forum and take control in various parts of the forum.
  • Global Moderator – Moderator will ensure the forums are kept clean by modify or removing a post which does not relate to the topic being discussed in the forum and possibly ban users based on their behavior.
  • Registered UserRegistered user are users who participate on the forum will have the ability to read and post topics, edit their own topics and use other forum features provided. Each user may also be levelled up by the amount posts they created.
  • Newly Registered MemberA newly registered member is when user first sign up which requires account verification. Newly registered member will have the ability to post, but not edit their own topic. Requires higher post counts to reach to a member.
  • Guest – Guest are only allowed to read topics. Guest can’t create a new topic or post replies on topics.

Forum Names, Avatars, Images/Video, & Signatures

Forum names, avatars & signatures are the best way of expressing who you really are, we provide such tool as free for all members (Banned Members inclusive). Certain content for names, avatars, images/video, & signatures, have no place on this community, due to their extremely offensive, annoying or inappropriate nature. The following list is a summery that will gives basic understanding of what not to add, including:

  • Copyrighted or registered trade mark elements.
  • Logotypes, symbols, emblems or figures connected in one way or another with organizations, that violate or were violating existing laws and rules.
  • Association with sexuality, pedophilia, sexual abuse; or have an offensive connection to the human body or bodily functions.
  • Links to site such as ROMs, warez, downloads which may alter software are not allowed.
  • Links to website that serves no sole purpose apart from offering malware, trojan, warms and such.
  • Nudity, sexually explicit material or content that is otherwise deemed inappropriate.
  • Which make reference to addictive or illegal substances or their use, or any other illegal activities.
  • Reference to current mainstream religions that may deem offensive.
  • Negatively portrays moderators, staff members, or administrator.
  • Dimensions for your profile avatar must be no larger than 130 x 130 px.

Posts and Topics

When posting, choose a section that is suitable for the subject before creating your topic. Do not post more than one, you may post within 24 hrs or wait until you get a response then post again. ‘Bumping’ or repeating posts/requests is PROHIBITED.

Avoid duplicate/multiple posts of the same topic. Always do a title search using the search box before posting to see if the topic or similar topic has already been posted. If the topic already exists, but your post has something new to add, then reply to your existing topic, and DO NOT START A NEW TOPIC! This will help to maintain a neat database and members & moderators will not have to waste time browsing through repeated duplicate posts. All posts are made of BBcode, do not use HTML, it will not work.

When your question is answered in a post, the topic will have the [Solved] tag in it’s title and the topic will be closed for further discussion.

Private Messaging System

Private messaging system is used for sending messages to others within the forum. The private messaging system are not to be used for support for any any shape or form. Please be mindful when talking to other users, do not create rudeness, insulting language, threatening or personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory message to other users.

Data and Security

Everything is done from our hosting provider to avoid any slowdown or unexpected downtime of the services, but it is not possible to guarantee these slowdowns, or to foresee any downtime. None network or server problem or any other breakdown can be covered under any warranty. None repayment can be considered for any break or stop of the services, damage or data loss.

Several systems have been set up to ensure a security of the content. Thus, a backup of the whole data is done when needs to be done. But for any reason, none individual backup or sql dump, database will be provided. Please do take good note that for any evoked reasons, no precise safeguard of a forum, dump, backup of the data will be provided. However, the administrator of the forum has at his disposal, a tool which allows him to use these backups in order to restore his board, such as it was at a previous date.

Friends/Add Your Link

Friends is a place affiliate your/friend’s/other website. This is simply a way to show our love to your community that you may have. We includes website such of any sort including gaming, sport, cooking, technology or any other type of site you may have.

This is also the place to showcase any YouTube account you may own. Please use the appropriate ways of adding your/friend’s/other website to our friends page mentioned below:

  • Please use the correct contact details mentioned on friends page to affiliate your/friend’s/other website.
  • Please note that not all submissions will be approved or added to our friends page, usually takes about 2 -3 weeks to approve your site and displayed on our friends page.
  • This service is not a way of spamming your website or your YouTube channel, is simply a service to show what our reader may like apart from what this site offers and also is a “privilege,” and not a “right.”.
  • We recommended that all graphics, names & URL of your site must be correct, wrong information or link to wrong website will be disqualified from using this service without further notice.
  • Dimensions for your banner graphic must be no larger than 350 x 127 px and in high quality JPG form.
  • Don’t submit your site more than once, we’ll review all requests. You may also be disqualified from using this service without further notice from submit your site.
  • We’ll be contact you once your site has been approved and added to our friends page to let you know in advance.

If you have any further question please open a new topic at our support forum.