There Is No Windows 11, So Don’t Get Excited Yet

Despite what everyone says, there is no Windows 11 at least yet.

Microsoft has long teased a long overdue Windows 10 update and this time is a massive one, many thought that was move to Windows 11 and it’s not. We’ve already see some changes like the news and interest widget (by the way I turned it off), Cortana app and some icon changes and stability improvements on Windows 10.

When comes to naming Windows, Microsoft always go by a version number naming scheme. For example Windows 7 followed by Windows 8, then followed by 8.1 and 10. But this time around some may suggest that Microsoft will break that tradition and go with Mac OSx styled naming scheme and ditch the numbers.

All we know so far from a Microsoft Github page is that the next Windows is codenamed “Sun Valley“, when compared to the Windows logo with a sun shinning through it, it makes sense. This update could also be an “October Update” like we’ve seen in the past with major Windows 10 update, so I think Microsoft will be following the lead instead. A Microsoft event is also scheduled on 24th of June. Will wait and see as I’m not optimistic about it since Microsoft can’t get their design sorted.

Even SoftwareKeep temporarily posted Windows 11 and took it down claiming was wrong and then issued a public apology claiming they got the wrong “insider” source. What? If you look closely on the product that anyone can create that kind of image called vector art and also 32 bit is incorrect as Microsoft is dropped it’s support for Windows 10 after may update. Interestingly enough, one of Apple’s iCloud support page posted support for Windows 11 as if they are so sure that would be the definite name.

PS: For all you that put concepts and what’s not. Please stop lol Just go and follow Microsoft’s official Twitter account for updates.