Shame On You: Spotify’s Car Thing

Spotify’s Car Thing was a device that caters to no body and is dead air from the gecko. Why Spotify tries to reinvent something that doesn’t need to be? Your car navigation system.

That shinny little device you’ve got/brought (one of the ladder, because I don’t know basically cost $90 USD) back in 2011 that don’t exist outside of select U.S. premium subscribers is now becoming a waste and dead brick.

The Car Thing is essentially a little device that acts as an extension to Spotify on your phone that only plays music and nothing else, not even navigation. Why the hell on earth would Spotify release this trash when most people have Apple Car Play or Android Auto with navigation and Spotify or whatever installed on it? It doesn’t make any sense.

While Spotify’s announcement angered a lot of people due to a potentially a deadweight device after December 9, 2024. People have asked the device to be open source or even get a refund which none of those have worked. Instead, Spotify offered free month of Spotify Premium rather than a refund which many have requested.

Spotify knew a soon be obsolete device that serves no use since it can’t open source and no other functionality attached, Spotify began the refund process because of a class-action lawsuit was actually filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York accusing Spotify of misleading customers by selling them a product that would be obsolete without offering refunds.

One thing they allowed was one touch or use voice commands to answer calls. But this is a small recent update and again, is routed through your phone. Again, the Car Thing cannot initiate phone calls itself or act as a speakerphone/microphone for calls.

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