Pay Day 3 Rival Criminal Heists Game, Crime Boss: Rockay City Is Getting A Steam Release

Crime Boss: Rockay City, a Pay Day 3 rival is getting a Steam release after the Epic Games Store exclusive.

Crime Boss: Rockay City is a cooperative first-person shooter where players assemble a team of criminals to undertake heists and turf wars in a 1990s crime movie-inspired setting, featuring a star-studded cast.

With it’s Steam release, the game’s price will be slashed as well as allowing player to try out every piece of DLC which has been released for it.

Epic Games are known to snag up exclusive games into it’s storefront to entice more players in using it’s Epic Games Store. Many have been critical of it’s exclusive practise meanwhile some others simply wait out for the exclusive period to end.

The game features legendary cast members Michael Madsen, Danny Glover, Kim Basinger. It also includes rapper Vanilla Ice and actor Danny Trejo, known for his role as a Hawaiian mob boss in ike a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

The game is expected to launch on June 19 on Steam.