The Chernobylite Experience

Chernobylite is a sci-fi atmosphere horror game in it’s own way. Because it reminded me of a game Layers of Fear.

I rarely pay attention to any survival horror game, but this was good. You play as Igor, a former Chernobyl employee, who returns to the Exclusion Zone 30 years after the disaster to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his fiancée Tatyana.

I haven’t delved too much into the game, but the creative and scene chopping is what got me hooked into this game. In another word, character’s surroundings abruptly change between cuts, such as doors leading to completely different rooms or areas than expected. This disorients the player.

You are given a thermometer like device to identify radiation levels and tries to steer clear of higher readings and scan around within your vicinity to look for items to craft weapons and other survival kits like med-kits and anti-radiation tablets.

The game itself just looks so realistic as I explore further into the game, that’s because the developer of the game actually spent over a year collecting photos, videos, and 3D scans of the actual Chernobyl site to recreate an authentic and detailed virtual environment for the game.

Something I didn’t know is that there is also a film that goes by the latter title produced by HBO.