Game Info Generator

This is a small project that I've been working on for the Chat 'n' Go to bring Steam embed like functionality to your own site! This still a beta, descriptions for certain games may be incorrect. So we kindly suggest you to report it below, if you're a developer!

I will be soon adding more features, but now this is it! To get start it, simply select our pre-existing games from our site and hit get the code to generate a code for your site!




Why some games doesn't exist on the list?

If a game that hasn't been released, the list won't show those games. Although we're working on a fix that will bring those games. This also applies when you viewing a game.

I get “No body here, but chickens!” page, what should I do?

This page is set when a game you're trying to embed doesn’t exist anymore, probably in the stage of editing or could be that the game isn't allowed to be embedded for various reasons.

Why some games has no description?

This is still a beta and some of the games may have no description. In the meantime, we kindly suggest you to report it using this link if you're a developer or use the forum to report missing descriptions.

What is “Kids Safe” and why some games tagged “Kids Safe” when they are not?

Kids Safe is a tag that ensures the game is safe for kids to play. However, you may find some 18+ games tagged kids safe, that’s because those games doesn’t contain horrifying violence or not applied to a law in gernal. Please using this link and report if you think is incorrect.

What is the purpose for this?

Game Info Generator is designed to embed any games to any websites. First when I saw that Steam has this feature, I want a version of my own. Since Steam only embed PC games, this will embed even console & mobile games.