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Facebook Says “People Are Dead”

If you have been following Facebook lately. Facebook is saying people are dead including CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This is a bug from Facebook where profile get modified to include a banner with the title “Remembering...


Album Extract Coming Soon!

For all your music lovers & collectors, soon you’ll be able to download album art with a small nifty program called Album Extract. With this program, you can save a album cover you found...


Microsoft Sues Corel For Slider UI Patent

You may not be familiar with the company Corel, but one of the program known to me is CorelDRAW, a PhotoShop alike program for drawing. So what Corel done that have possibly make Microsoft angry? Apparently Corel’s office...

Google Play Store Is Getting a Redesign 1

Google Play Store Is Getting a Redesign

According to an Android employee – Kirill Grouchnikov, Google’s own Play Store could be getting a new redesign soon. If that is the case, it doesn’t look substantially different to the current Google Play Store. According...